Guild of the Grey Hand

Season 04 Episode 01 - The Wandering Tower's Corruption

June Session

Party – Kalebark (Spent Coin), Sayble, Elwarin, Everett, Shadek

Back to Brightstone Keep
Elwarin greets group alongside the rest of the Guild
Guild meeting in Mess Hall with feast
Full adventure debrief
Kairinnier and unborn child to stay at Keep
Another prison under the Keep, could be attacked
Kalvyn asks Scamp about the Prison. Scamp heard about a “Crystal Chamber”. Previous group digging to a “great power”. Everyone afraid of a spirit. He doesn’t know the location
Party to inform town of danger
Miners to discontinue work
Defences being prepared for multiple different types of assaults on the Keep
Thorak appears on his knees, screaming “my tower is under attack!”
Horn must be returned to the tower
Party immediately teleported to 50 feet away from the tower
This time it is black and twisted, clearly under seige. 2 iron gates instead of the previous doors
Magical wind sucks party in
Small, dark forest clearing
Follow twisting path through the trees. Drops into a cliff face
Grease on slope into red, glowing crystal spikes at bottom
Sayble spots Goblin-like creature pierced by a spike
Elwarin casts fly on group to get them down safe
“Dark Heart”
Huge shock disintegrates Goblin
Falling down, land on sand
Dark clouds over an ocean at the beach
Part of Thorak’s mind
Massive tentacle comes out of water, just “misses
Kraken Oculus”
Wizard gets fucked by chain lightening
Boat in a bottle summons full size ship
Clouds are closer, almost upon group
Map, compass, smoke all different
Decide to sail to volcano
Volcano begins to erupt upon arrival
Outhouse up top, group makes it
Mirror maze
Strange dopplegangers confuse the party
Square mirror room
Doppleganger battle
Evil Elwarin gets away, rest die
Exit to other side of outhouse, volcano calm
Stairs into mouth of volcano
Chanting on way down
Chamber, twisted dragon statue
Cravas in middle, bridge to other side
Small arch under statue, leads to passage
Vumura – dragon symbol
Into arch, up stairs, into chamber
Elementals in cross room
Party divided
Sayble reincarnated as a Dwarf
Necromancer in tower
No time passed in outside world
She will attack the keep


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