Guild of the Grey Hand


The where the wizard casts spells

Written by Mitchell Lovell

As the heros race to attack the orc encampment, they find a fork in the road, they devise a plan Kalebark takes Everett as a prisoner and tried to enter the camp, whilst the Elwarin, Shadek and Reilly, sneak up a back path, Elwarin will summon a Wolf to cause a distraction as the party surprise the camp.

On the way Kale and Everett run into a mysterious old Goblin lady, they discuss the orc encampment, feeling the time pressure, they go to check her cart, only to be meet with a bow facing them with a notched arrow, there was a grandson protecting his grandmother, they make sure they weren’t transporting any orcs, then push on to make sure their friends don’t get spotted and outnumbered….looking back tho they see the cart flying off into the horizon.

The other 3 running through the forest, as quickly and quietly as possible they hear a running noise, trying to hard, Elwarin fails at this but sees a fleeing orc, slips him up with grease, and sees pure fear in his eyes, and tells them to run. the rush to the camp finding two summoned prism golems, Elwarin taking no chances with his friends lives casts one of his best spells to dispels these golems.

The party come together, to find all the orcs dead, so they search the campsite thoroughly, in there investigation they discover that the Dwarf girl ________ had sent the orders in what to do. (Please note party has giving dwarf girl access to BSK along with her two partners) they send Everetts Griffon _____ with a note detailing what they had found.

After ____ flew off to BSK, 3 creatures descended from a portal above the camp and a battle takes place, 4 of the group slash and cut down many heads of these beasts and Elwarin casts some spells.

The party decide to head to the town to continue there adventure into Shadowfang keep, when they reach the river though, they find an empty boat, they quickly jump in and decide to sail to the city and stay the night to continuing there adventure, Elwarin is keen on returning this boat to the rightful owner, where as Shadek forges some papers and tries to convince him Thorak gifted the boat, however a dead Halfling being pickled in a cask and his Hindsight of events with an orc, detailed map has made him very suspicious that he was lying.

as they were heading upstream, Reilly spots another boat coming towards them, a half orc jumps out…it’s clear the boat is on a collision course with the heroes, Elwarin quickly gifts the party with flight to stop this, Shadek runs the boat to shore gently, whilst Kalebark chase’s after the would be demolition man, finding out that the boat was meant to destroy centaur bridge. Shadek finds an explosive in the 2nd boat that when in contact with water explodes.

They tie the two boats together, and are sailing into the night when they are attacked by some serpent like creatures, a battle takes place as mitch leaves and cant write any more……

The party work together and almost lose the ships as the serpent like creates keep coming and coming one after another, they electrify the water and burn them but the ship’s mast catches alight and almost dooms them all. But almost by sheer luck, they manage to fight them back long enough to regain control of the ships and escape. working quickly to put out the fires and rest the mast.


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