Trelash Darkdreamer

Chronicler and storyteller of the realms of faerun


Trelash Darkdreamer, aka Trel, Trelash the Chronicler

Trelash is from a hidden illumian community, known as a Cabal, called Brightmist on the island of Nimbral, to the south-west off the wild coast.

A note on Illumians

The illumians are a race first created by sorcery. Through painstaking ritual, they have developed a mystical connection to the magic runes that make up their alphabet, granting the power of an eldritch language made flesh.
llumians are contemplative humanoids, driven and ambitious, taught from an early age to master every field of study and they consider themselves a brother race to humans.



Power sigils:
“Vaul” (soul, left) and “Krau” (magic, right)
Power word “Vaulkrau” (Soulmagic)

The sigils are magical runes and combine to make a power word, these are visible floating around an ilumians head. Illumians can suppress their sigils if desired but they loose any benefits from them. When present they glow with the brightness of a candle. Trelash keeps her sigils hidden when in public and with people who aren’t familiar with illumnias.

Birth and Horoscope

Age 32 in 1373
Born 27 Eleint, 1341 DR, Year of Gate
Born under the Sign of the Fish and with Gibbous Selûne under the sign of the Star.

Those born under the sign of the Fish are artistic. They have lively, analytical minds and make inspiring teachers. Imaginative, they are radical and idealistic thinkers.

Those born with Selûne under the Star are courageous, energetic, impetuous and determined to make their own way in the world. Self-reliant and adventurous, they love taking risks and are tenacious workers. Affectionate and charming, they inspire great loyalty in others.

Basic Stats

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 160 lb

Class Structure:
Bard 4/ Binder 4/ Anima Mage 3/Sublime Chord 2/ Anima Mage 4

Alignment: True Neutral

Deity: None.
Because binders speak directly with powers beyond the reach of most deities, they tend to scorn the worship of such beings. At the same time, their strength flows from creatures expatriated from the rule of those deities, and for that reason, they fear inciting the ire of a god or his worshipers.

Common, Illumian, Halruaan, Ruathlek, Elven, Dwarven, Undercommon, Giant.

Father – Malcer Darkdreamer
Mother – Kethra Darkdreamer
Brother – Landan Darkdreamer


Studious and serious, Tel is a scholar and chronicler of the lore and history of Faerun. Her study of language and history lead her to her interest in pact magic and so became a binder, her other interest from a young age was studying bardic music and magic. She is generally speaking, honest and focused on her work. Trel doesn’t hesitate to get her hands dirty when needed.

Honest and Focused

Dark Premonition

Fighting style:
As a binder, Trel can adapt her fighting style depending on her current pacts, and as a bard is very skilled and adaptable to lots of situations. Trell carries both melee and ranged weapons to suit the situation. Even tho Trel is scholar and writer she doesn’t hesitate to get involved.

Notable Skills:
Preform (Oratory) – This encompasses reciting poetry, storytelling, speeches etc.
Preform (Sing) – This encompasses ballad, chant, melody etc.
Craft (Writing) – This encompasses scribing, documenting, written storytelling, poetry etc,


Trelash Darkdreamer was born on the island of Nimbral, in the hidden Brightmist Cabal, her Family maintained a traditional Illumnian upbringing after they had come to Nimbral from the plane of shadow during the initial settlement of the island by their people in 1350 the year of the Morningstar.

Trelash excelled at literacy and language during her education and had a fondness for music and poetry. During her studies of languages, writing, glyphs and runes she discovered an ancient tomb in a strange language she had never encountered. The local archivist told Trelash that the tome was found when the Illumians first came to Nimbral and that no one had been able to decipher it as yet. Eventually, she discovered that it was encrypted with a code and written in Ruathlek, a secret illusionist language that few even knew about. After much painstaking work and research, she discovered the key and broke the code. The book was the handwritten notes of a long dead wizard who had experimented with pact magic, and quickly Trelash learnt how to bind lesser gods and harness their abilities.

Trelash whilst not unhappy with her quiet life of study yearned to explore for herself and to do more than read and sing about others great adventure. So she set out to explore the realms, and chronical her adventures along the way.

She made her own way to the west coast then on to the island of Lantern, she spent some time with the gnomes and their strange flying machines before moving on to Calimport, on the Faerunen mainland. It was when she arrived here that she first heard of the Grey Hand and the Heroes of Baldurs Gate, Trelash heard many such rumours and muttering about various heroes and villains across the realms as a bard.
Trelash journeyed throughout the south and west of Faerun, chronicling local stories and legends, learning the songs and music of the areas.
Trelash had learnt about the “Crimson Casters” some weeks ago whilst traveling around Daggerford, never in living memory has a group so successfully assaulted Waterdeep with so few people, it was a story she was desperate to cover in her chronical.

After spending some time documenting the events in and around “the siege of the summer solstice” as it was known then Trelash eventually made her way to the Red Garnet inn to speak to the Guild of the Grey Hand. Her initial motivation was to document their involvement in the siege aftermath but this group’s reputation held a different draw for Trelash, she wanted to be involved in their new Guild and she hoped that a position there would bring her to the front lines of history and it was clear to her at this point that this group was making its mark on history.

Journal Entry – Evening, 19th of Elesias 1373

After receiving my assignment, I conversed momentarily with Elwarin regarding Mystery Man, He encouraged me to focus on the mission at hand but to be mindful, and observant for any intimations that might suggest the Stranger. I must remember to analysis my notes and songs for any inklings of such a man. The council seemed to trust him, especially Ovif and Everett, I do trust their judgment and Kelvin also had faith in his guidance. Perchance we will comprehend more when I return.

As for my assignment, I am intrigued by this notion of ruins that oscillate in and out of reality. The materialising manor of the past. I can feel the story wiring itself already.

Like the moon in the sky, a place for the lost
This land waxes and wanes
You can live twice a life, but at what cost.

I’m not certain about that last line yet but Ill need to get there first. It could be wandering in and out of this plane, yes that’s a possibility.

I am keen to work with Galzar, I’m haven’t really got a good read on him yet but I also need to be weary of Aurum, I suspect he isn’t a fan of pact magic. Tomorrow we venture into the wilds of Tumish and to the curiosities of Xorhun, a jewel of the past.

The longest day, a poem by Trelash Darkdreamer

As the sun rose, so did I
For today, we feast on the bay,
Such a morning a clear blue sky
It was the longest day

The air was crisp and sweet
as quickly I move done the way
To a breakfast on main street
It was the longest day

My apatite turned as we heard the scream
smoke, dust, we are prey
the dead rose, it was no dream
It was the longest day

I did not fight, I could not help
I saw my friends head into the fray
I heard my friends end with a yelp
It was the longest day

With a setting sun, I waited for death
I saw a hero cloaked in Grey
They saved my love, goodbye my Beth
It was the longest day

Written after the Seige of the Summer Solstice to commemorate the lost.

Trelash Darkdreamer

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