Peryocal Montajay

a cheerful but deadly archer who is forever feasting


Peryocal Montajay, aka Perry, Monty, Montajay the Archer.

Strongheart Halfling from the village of Raython, in the Channathwood in the Shaar.
Halflings are more generally known as Hin.

Birth and Horoscope

Age 29 in 1373
Born 20 Mirtul, 1344 DR, Year of Moonfall
Born under the Sign of the Star and with Crescent Selûne under the sign of the Dragon

Those born under the sign of the Star are courageous, energetic, impetuous and determined to make their own way in the world. Self-reliant and adventurous, they love taking risks and are tenacious workers. Affectionate and charming, they inspire great loyalty in others.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Dragon are idealistic, progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian and spiritual principles. They thrive on change, becoming impatient with convention or restriction. Artistic and original, they can appear detached and aloof.

Basic Stats

Height: 3’ 1"
Weight: 30 lb

Class structure:
Ranger 4/ Warlock 3/ Justice of the Weald and Woe (PrC) 4

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Brandobaris

Common, Halfling, Shaaran, Elven

Mother – Jilara Montajay
Father – Osmin Montajay


Cheerful, lively, serious about his job and role in combat, forlorn about the past. Motivated to do good in the world and make the most of his opportunities. Often known to choose the chance to feast over almost any other activity.

Polite and Easy going.

High metabolism

Fighting style:
Montajay whilst proficient in melee combat specialises in ranged combat at long distances. He uses his warlock abilities in mid to close range when needed. Preferred weapons are his magical composite longbow of his own design and make and the greataxe that killed his father.


Peryocal Montajay was an only child to loving parents, Jilara and Osmin Montajay. They lived on the outskirts of the loosely clustered Elf/Halfling village called Raython in the Channathwood, The Shaar.

Perry’s parents were skilled and accomplished in the community, his mother was a powerful warlock as was her mother before her. She studied her magic in secret because it is little understood by the carefree community. His father was an accomplished bowyer and fletcher, even the elves came to him for high-quality bows.

Perry showed early skill with the bow and other ranged weapons and his mother suspected that he was also gifted in invocation magic, like herself.

At the age of twenty, Perry joined the mixed rangers core. Elves and Halfling patrolled the forests, protected lands and mountains in their villages control. He was trained as a sniper and quickly became highly skilled at it. A few years later his mother said that he had the prerequisite skill to continue her family’s tradition of mastering invocation magic.
She warned him that the warlocks powers are little understood, even more so than a wizards. At times he would need strict control of his emotions as overly strong emotions can without proper tanning lead to outbursts of destructive magic.

Perry trained simultaneously in ranged combat and warlock magic, he was also quickly becoming an accomplished bowyer like his father.

Over the years, the village had increasing problems with some human raiders and bandits and Perry’s ranger core specialised in dealing with human poachers and thrives. They were sent to scout out the human’s base and report back to the governing council.

After reporting the Intel Perry went out drinking and feasting as Halflings did almost every night when unknown to him on the outskirts of the forest was raided. The raiders had managed to get their way to where Perry’s parents lived, his father was killed first, struck in the back by a large axe. Perry’s mother, not caring about secrecy at this time, unleashed her might, halving their numbers defending her town, quickly the rangers and protectors of the village arrived and fort back against the raiders and barbarians.

Perry was distraught and furious when he learned of the attack. He immediately chased after the fleeing bandits, quickly he tracked them down and in his grief and anger unleashed an unknown power, killing a several at once. The axe that killed his father in his hand he slaughtered everyone in sight.

When Peryocal later returned his mother consoled and helped him control his warlock powers. Her secret now out she was feared and misunderstood by those who had once been her friends. The council decided as he had killed without authority, and killed innocents he was banished from the lands, his mother was allowed to say. He was very conflicted, as was the community he left behind. Some now feared him others celebrated him. Perry did not resent the council and left without complaint.

Pretty spent several years wondering, dealing with his guilt and learning to control the warlock powers he has inherited. Eventually, he did master them and strong emotion was no longer a trigger.
During the later years of this time, he honed his archery skills and learned some divine magic from some Druids he spent time with for a while. He wrote to his mother who knew he had to face this battle alone now, learn to master his own destiny.

Perry was finally content and his depression had subsided, his personality was returning to normal and his alignment was shifted from TN to CN, so many years wondering and learning the ways of the world had given him a healthy disrespect for the establishment.

Perry felt it was time that he could trust himself to have friends and relationships again. He wanted to both master the use of both his ranged ability and magical ones and to do good in the word, he wanted to make up for his past and rid the world of such evils.
Finally, his wondering ended at gates of Brightstone Keep.

Upon entering one afternoon he saw a gruff dwarf working at a forge, he smiled remembering his father toiling away at some branch until it sung with the music of the finest bows. He knew already that he would be happy here.

Peryocal Montajay

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