Guild of the Grey Hand

The one where Elwarin schedules some meetings

Session 02 - May 1st

Noteable NPCs

  • Filenia – Rude clerk at town hall, Human?
  • Lish – Elf innkeeper at the Stone Gloom Inn.
  • Thecan – Cook at the stone gloom inn.
  • Tenger – Gnome F, general store owner, Peryocal and her were a bit flirty.
  • Tasran – Purple hair, arrow vendor??
  • Adral – Librarian, 7x great granddaughter of Thorak, has an ornate necklace. This necklace is an ancient symbol of Ao, the overgod, the god of gods, it’s a green dragon.
  • Murrand – Speaks really annoyingly, curious item vendor.
  • Unway -??

General Notes:

  • Election is in 10 days (1 week)
  • Voting is optional.
  • Nominations need to be in at Town Hall in 5 days.
  • 7000gp reward for info leading to an arrest on town hall break in.

Elwarins Meetings:

  • Meeting with the Assembly of Stars in 2 days at 10 bells.
  • Meeting with Call of Arms in 1 day at 3 bells.

Notes from 1st book on Thorak:
Book – Hazards of the Animal by Suvan Yellomin
- A man brings a curse to a town.
- This was a mysterious man and the curse is magical.
- In the evening monsters eat the livestock.
- Town was Marikest!
- Maybe 700 years ago.
- Curse ended when a dwarf was kicked out of town

Notes from 2nd book on Thorak:
- Thorak and yodeling dragon story
- Maybe 880 years ago.


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