Guild of the Grey Hand

The Lost Peek

Season 03 - Episode 01 - March 19th 2017

Written by Daniel Caddaye

Di San lays awkwardly as Thorak looks up and waves a hand towards the party and they teleport to near the top of the peaks, a familiar location for Sayble. Scamp is nowhere to be seen as they quickly approach the summit, which has been completely destroyed by the explosion.

Paper Sphinx Roc

The party assembled on the now plateau of the lost peek are confronted with a gigantic bird, it is as majestic as it is large it appeared to be used as a transport for an unknown number and it is flanked on either side by two large Sphinxs.

The aggressive Roc leaves the party little choice as they first try to get around the Roc without killing it with Phineas attempting to blind it and Ovif trying to command it but soon that becomes unavoidable. The battle kicks into gear and Trelash tangles up one Sphinx with black tentacles as the other focus on the Roc. Ovif fires searing light to disintegrate one Sphinx and Phineas knocks out another, Kalebarks hulking muscles deal blow after blow into the Roc as he enters a terrifying rage, Sayble using his legendary bow fires a killing shot into the Rocs avian penile canal.
The party can now see that the fountain of memories has been complete blown away and beneath it lies a ramp leading down into a tunnel.


After the Roc falls and Sayble sees that Scamp isn’t anywhere in sight he transforms into his bird form and quickly tracks down Scamp and as he lands he transforms back to half-elf form. He notices that a hooded stranger is leading over Scamps limp body. They speak briefly, Sayble concerned and defensive of Scamp to which the stranger replies “if he is your friend, let me save him.” Soon Scamp starts to rise gingerly, the stranger says that it will still take some time for it to mend completely.
Sayble speaks with Scamp who tells him that he smelt Elwarin when her approached the peak and then saw the Roc before there was a huge explosion, he now can’t find Elwarins scent.

Beneath the fountain of memories

The rest of the party quickly revive one of the Sphinx’s and Ovif and he learns that they are guarding the Black Network who came from “The Keep”.
Upon Sayble and Scamp’s return, the stranger explains that his name is Kenlyn and was on a pilgrimage to the peaks when he heard what happened and saw Scamp injured.
The party descends into a large room, the walls and floor smooth stone with two imposing statues of Di San set equally apart with a closed doorway between. The left Sculpture is of a youthful and energetic Di San whilst the right is of a beleaguered and weary Di San, both appear to be the same age and in perfect condition.
Sayble communicates to Phineas that there are people here attempting to ambush them, Phin relays this to all before he speaks directly into the wannabe ambushers minds intimidating them as Trelash covers the area just in front of them in a deep darkness. Phineas casts a rainbow laser show above the darkness orb to fascinate the guards as the party moves to take them out. Quickly the 5 guards are unconscious or dead and the captain is interrogated by the party. The groups knew they were coming and were tasked to prevent them from entering. They offered the guild a reward of 10 000 gold if they leave this place. Tired of the waiting Trelash murders the captain and they move through the doors.

The House of Di San

The party head down a narrow corridor and hear rustling coming from rooms to both sides, barging in they see more Black Network searching through a bedroom and library, little time to spare so the party eliminates the Black Network agents. In the library, they find a plethora of fine books almost entirely first editions and in like new condition, notably a Tome of Intelligence, Di Sans Diary and A History of the World. The Diary has a strange blue shimmering cover and some sort of unknown locking method.
Lovell to insert other books Trelash found
The party quickly passes through other room to a grand doorway with 2 wizards and three guards protecting three identical corridors.

The Maze

The black network wizards bring down a meteorite strike on the party and Trelash leaps into action teleporting across the room and unleashing a Cacophonic Bust on the network agents instantly killing the wizards and defending the others. Sayble rushes in wielding his now flaming vorpal sword and quickly the remaining guards are dealt with. The party sees before them three identical paths and Phineas reaches out in his mind for guidance from Di San, he tells them not to use magic in the maze.
The party takes their time and keep to the right in the maze and eventually make it out, hopefully in time.


Cadflash Cadflash

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