Guild of the Grey Hand

Episode 5: From the Lightning in the Sky

Season 2- Session 05 - Nov 25th

Written by Mitchell Lovell

  • The party awake and plan there approach to the camp, appearing as captives of the Goblins, that were sent to kill the crawling Apocalypse.
  • The guard of the camp is very suspicious as the Goblins are considered the weakest and more stupid, so them catching a fully geared 5 man party is unlikely.
  • A Goblin appears (appearing to be a sorcerer) from the main tent sees the party then re enters the tent.
  • After a few moments of talking, the party realise it isn’t working, and as they do, a Bug bear appears with the Goblin sorcerer.
  • A fight breaks out, Thrik having an uncontrollable rage for the Bugbear but not really understanding why he is angry. (from loosing memory of Thoro).
  • The fight is epic, all Goblins are killed as the mission was to kill them all, Galzar having killed a group of the non military Goblins, is greatly grieved.
  • The party finds an old friend Bronson McDuff in the camp and they help him and explain to him what had happened to Thrifk and his memory of Thoro.
  • The party head back to the Red keys to return the items and to continue to Aarabar to return the Sword to receive the last part of the payment.
  • The go to the house where they are to give the sword to Quincy only to find an old woman and no Quincy.
  • The party refuse to hand the sword to the lady, and go to Tharfield Estate to see the rest of the guild and will return the sword at a later time.
  • Upon reaching the estate they are meet by a servant who sees the sword and explains they were instructed to give it to his address, and the party explain the situation and hand the sword over.
  • They are told they cant stay with the guild in Tharfield Estate and s they decide to go find the rest of there guild mates.


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