The Republic of Turmish


Turmish is a republic with the capital of Alaghôn, and is located in the north of the Vilhon Reach. The approximately 1,700,000 inhabitants, most of whom are human, but dwarves are common as well along side minorities of halflings, elves, gnomes, half-elves and half-orcs.

The flag of the republic (above) was created when Turmish was liberated, it’s very similar to the old and ancient flag of Tumish. Ships that call the Turmish sores home often fly this flag, those who do are respected as honest traders.

Turmish is known throughout the Sea of Fallen Stars as the “heartland of the Reach” due to its peaceful nature and concentration on commerce over warfare. Its capital, Alaghôn, serves as the most popular port-of-call along the southern fringes of the Inner Sea. Turmish has no armies or navy.

Turmish is ruled by the Assembly of Stars, a group of freely elected men and women chosen from the everyday population of the region. Each serves a term of three years before another election brings a fresh group of Turmishans into political life. This keeps “professional politicians” to a bare minimum, since the decision to run for office is not a personal choice to make, but rather the decision of one’s peers. (That is not to say that the decision to elect someone to public office cannot be political.)

From the ranks of the Assembly, one member is elected to the position of Lord of Turmish.

After the events of the Litch Queen and the disbanding of Call of Arms. The Guild of the Grey Hand in an unprecedented move appointed themselves as an acting government for 10 days to oversee a special election.

The special election was following the same process that it had always had in Turmish, but Ella Josette was excluded from all ballots and disallowed from holding any elected position in Turmish. She was then appointed as the first Special Advisor to the Assembly of Stars. The only other change the group made was to require that the elected official that received the highest primary vote would be the leader of the Assembly of stars, and not as in the past nominated separately.

After the election was held the guild officially handed over power to the newly elected Assembly of Stars, Lish, T, A. Lish, having received the most votes was elected to be Lord of Turmish.

In the following weeks, the government made several reformes, some of which are outlined bellow:

  • The size of the Assembly of Stars was increased from three to five members. The additional two were determined by the previous election result.
  • For future elections at least one member is required to be from Algahon.
  • But with no more than three elected from Algahon. (i.e will always be at least two not from the capital)
  • Term length is reduced to two years, no more than 2 terms served. (Total)
  • Nominations must be endorsed by nominee, still cant nominate youself tho.
  • Title of lord removed.
  • Member who received highest primary vote become the Leader of the Assembly of Stars
  • Leader gains the title of Consul of the Republic of Turmish.
  • Algahon now elects an independent mayor for the governing of the city itself. Bulstores the city guard to make up for the loss of Call of Arms.
  • Old assembly of seats building repurposed for Algahon council and public buildings.
  • Emmurs family Estate to be renovated and house Turmish Government and the newly created Turmish Public Forces. (Police mixed with an Army, includes small navy)
  • Ella is appointed as special advisor to the Assembly of starts, retains her salary/privileges.

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Turmish is the home of Brightsone Keep, the headquarters of the Guild of the Grey Hand located outside the town of Marikest.


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