Red Garnet


The Red Garnet Inn & Tavern

Situated in the southern ward of Waterdeep the red garnet inn in a moderate two story stone and timber building. The inn looks like most others in the oldest part of the city and since the restoration of the inn business has been booming not least due to the small fame of the adventures in residence. The inn now has two locations in Waterdeep, most recetly the new Upper Ward Red Garnet, a joint venture by Elwarin and Danilio Thann.


Elwarin Immeril the innkeeper is an elf of mixed origins, half sun elf giving him his golden hair and part moon elf giving him far fairer skin than would be normal for a sun elf. Aged approximately 180 years whilst he is passed middle ages he is nowhere near being venerable.

Elwarin runs the inn that was once moderately successfully with his son, Alelbor who is not yet coincided an adult at 50 years of age.

After his son’s death, he joined the Sword Coast adventures and leased the attic as their personal suite, the adventures moderate gold supply was able to help pay for improvement to the inn and hire staff. Whilst adventuring the inn is fully staffed an managed and has become mordantly successful. There has also been enough surplus gold to buy the next door shop and have it done up as a blacksmith shop for use by Thrifk and his brother Ovif.


  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Stout (3 cp)
  • Boiled Shrimp and Dried Carrot, Tankard of Cider (9 cp)
  • Stewed Bear and Millet Bread, Tankard of Stout (13 cp)
  • Boiled Shellfish and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Mead (9 cp)
  • Smoked Bear and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Bitter (11 cp)
  • Boiled Sausage and Artichoke, Tankard of Cider (7 cp)
Specialty Drinks

The inn now keeps a large range of dwarven beers in addition to its history of fine elven wines. Local drinks are also in high demand including the ’Undermountain Brew" which is famous for its unknown makers in Waterdeep.

The inn stocks a range of non-alcoholic drinks of Elwarins own creation, he uses many alchemical ingredients and some magical methods to create satisfying and unique drinks that don’t affect the drinkers judgement. These have become sort after by some sections of the community such as wizards, monks and clerics. So much so that Elwarin and Danilo Than are investigating opening a second red garnet inn in the North Ward of the city.

Drinks include but are not limited to:

  • Wizards Whiskey
  • Clerics Cordial
  • Monks Moonshine
  • Butterbeer


Suite – 3 gp per room per night.
– These rooms include a queen size bed, dresser, desk, and bookshelves.

Twin – 1 gp 5 sp per room per night.
– Available in two single bed or one double bed, max 2 people per room.

Dorm – 6 sp per person per night.
– Single bunk bed.


The Red Garnet lies in the oldest part of Waterdeep, the south ward was where the city was first started serving as a port. Perhaps the building or parts of it were built in when the city was known as Aelinthaldaar, an ancient elven city. The building is old, that much is clear, but it is also consistent with the surrounding architecture, the owners having fallen on hard times have not had the gold to afford the expensive process of maintaining the stone and timber buildings exterior.

The tavern was inherited by Elwarin long ago from a distant relative.

(More about Aelinthaldaar here)




A group of adventures discovered a previously unknown dungeon beneath the tavern. They discovered that it is an ancient crypt from underneath a long gone holy temple or church.They found that Myrkuls dammed soul was held prisoner here for many years.

Adventures in Residence

Bellow is the layout of the attic, which the heroes of Baldurs Gate, conquers of the Dead Three have taken up residence in, there has since been a portal opened beneath the inn that connects to Brightsone Keep. This allows all members of the Grey Hand to come and go easily thought Waterdeep and Turmish.


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Red Garnet

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