Guild of the Grey Hand

The Grey Hand started as the Grey Hand Mercenary Company, they travelled Faerun helping those who could afford it. After failing to help the people of Chesenta end a bitter civil war the group founded a base in Turmish, and claimed Brightstone Keep as their headquarters.

The mercenary company showed that gold and fame was not their only motivation as they fought to uproot a cell of the Cult of the Dragon for the greater good, it was similar ethics that brought them to Waterdeep and to befriend the “Heroes of Baldurs Gate”.

Together they decided to disband the mercenary company and form a new organisation known as Guild of the Grey Hand, keeping the Grey Hand name as a symbol of their neutrality. They also invited some worthy adventures they had met through their travels to join the group, this brought their number around 18 members which rotated in and out of their two bases, Brightstone Keep and the Red Garnet.

The Guild was founded on ideas of fairness and freedoms for citizens of Faerun, their combined efforts against the Cult of the Dragon and the Zhentarim showcase their ideas and ethics. The guild’s goals are to continue with mercenary work and to work against the forces of evil and oppression where practical. Their strong ties to Waterdeep and the Harpers help the guild gain work all across the realms.

Guild Structure

The Guild Members are not employees, they choose to work, live, eat, win, lose and possibly die together. When not out on missions/quests/adventuring everyone works together and has a role suited to their particular talents.
New members start as a recruit and after training and working together it quickly becomes obvious if the guild would want them as a member or not. There is no formal process for membership. No member is concidered above or bellow another.


2x Guild Master – The manager of the guild, handles some business and requests/leads for the adventures, Guilds representative. (Ovif, Everett)

Member – Adventure and a full member of the Grey Hand, gains ring, helps with training and recruitment, has a self-chosen role in the guild
Recruit – New members, yet to become full members, trains and studies as well as joins on missions/quests.

Possible roles
• Master at arms
• Quartermaster
• Shipmaster
• Lore master/Book Master
• Alchemist
• Smith
• Bowyer/FletcherDisciplines
• Mine foremen
• Healer
• Stable/animal healer
• Innkeeper
These are just ideas, each member decides their own role, think “how can this character best serve the guild when not adventuring”. Whilst not a rule its not uncommon for a recruit to have someone they particularly identify with and would work together in that role.

For example:
Peryocal as a skilled archer, bowyer and novice alchemist identifies with Sayble strongly, and might work together on alchemy, and very possibly when promoted to a member would be the main fletcher.

When at the castle or inn mostly the guild master handles business and anything they think is worth pursuing they stick up on the job board or mention in a guild meeting, the parties are self-chosen and self-organised.

For example.
A job comes in to escort a Lord from Algahon to the south of Turmish, members/recruits who think they would be good for this or want to go can ask to/nominated themselves. If a party can be formed then they take that job.


To gain membership, potentials must prove themselves and be sponsored by an existing member, then they are awarded the rank of recruit. Recruits can advance to full members after an unset time. In some cases, it might be quickly obvious that they are a good fit with the guild and others might need more time .
Members become eligible to take the Grey Hand prestige class as well as receiving their ring. The ring is of very high quality, gold ring with a grey hand symbol on its face the hand’s centre holds a gemstone of the members choice.
The ring allows the wearer to pass through the portal between the castle and the keep, a wearer can bring along a single non-wearer. The ring also acts as a signet ring. A member could if they choose at their own expense have the ring enchanted as they please.

Prestige Class

The improved grey hand gem section is changed so that the ring is enchanted as per the characters needs when they take the class, this cannot be changed later.

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