Brightstone Keep

Brightone Keep is the headquarters for the guild and adventuring group known as The Grey Hand. It was built as a strategic outpost and base for the military of Alaghôn to control lands south-east of the city. After the Turmish countryside had stabilised the military control had relaxed and it was abandoned.
Not long after a group of orcs cleared it out and resumed a mining operation in the nearby mountainside, it was raids by the orcs based here that caught the attention of the Grey Hand who after freeing the area of this orc band was awarded the keep as a reward. They have since done considerable works to restore and upgrade the keep and continued the mining operation, the lucrative gem mine funding the maintenance and staff.

Perched up a plateau backed up against the mountain, the keep is situated perfectly to oversee the countryside and woodlands between it and the nearby town of Marikest, a dock was constructed a short walk to the north where the group keep their ship and a small guard building, to the south is the gem mine.

When the party cleared the keep of orcs they found a large intelligent wolf, known as Scamp, that was imprisoned there, mostly due to the druids efforts the wolf befriended the group and resides at the keep, regularly prowling the area and countryside for signs of trouble.

The grey hand have a good relationship with the locals as they provide a lot of employment and added tourism to the area, a local farmer provides the keep with food. The keep employees 20 locals full time. (LoS = Lives on site)


  • 1x Bulter/Bussiness manager (LoS)
  • 1x Guard Captin (LoS)
  • 7x Guards (LoS)
  • 2x Maids
  • 2x Cooks
  • 4x Miners
  • 2x Shipmates
  • 1x Stablehand
  • 1x Alchemy lab assistant


1800 gp/month – Gem mine
500 gp/month (equivalent) – Rations received
? – Hookshot distribution

90 gp/month – Staff
? – Maintenance costs


The keep is fitted out with the following facilities.

  • Blacksmith, equipped for both armour and weapon smithing.
  • Alchemy lab, very well equipped for magical and non-magical poisons and potions. Includes a herbology.
  • Library, Good sized library and study areas, equipped for research and magical preparation
  • Barracks, armoury and training area, these are equipped to facilitate both melee and ranged combat training. includes 10 single beds.
  • Chapel, a small chapel designed to be used by members of differing religions. Seating for up to 40 people.
  • Kitchens and dining areas, staffed and equipped for small to moderate sized groups. With its staff can serve up to 20 people at a time.
  • Bedrooms, includes a 4 poster double bed, desk, large chest, wardrobe with a small mirror.
  • Prison, a small prison with strong iron gates and good locks. Can hold up to 6 prisoners.
  • Vault, solid metal door with excellent lock
  • Portal, an instantaneous portal to the Red Garnet
  • Basic bathhouse, includes facilities for up to two people at a time.
  • Stable, can hold up to 6 horses.


Basement Level
This level contains the cells/prison(tower room left), the portal room and the guild vault (tower room right). There a some different types of fungus that are cultivated in the main basement room.

Ground Level:
Barracks, Kitchen, Dining and other rooms.

First Level:
This level contains 7 large bedrooms, these serve as the officers quarters as well as a guest room. There are also three tower rooms.

Top Level:
Battelments and watchtowers.

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Brightstone Keep

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