Kevin "Storm" Thorn

Young adventurer proving his worth


Race: Tethyrians human

Class: Monk 5/ Swordsage 5

Age: 22

Height: 5’9’’

Weight: 180lbs

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Region: Waterdeep

Deity: Tempus download__1_.jpg

Passions: Fighting, Proving his worth to the group, honing skills


Prior to joining the Adventurers of the wide
The Story of a young boy by the name of Kevin Thorn, who has always known by his mother as Storm, he was an adventuring young lad, and always seemed to have a good heart, but this is his origin story.
In the city of Waterdeep it is a child’s choice on the year of the 16th birthday to join a guild or faction if they so desire, but you enter a training camp and from there they select who they wish to take on as full-time apprentices, and so we shall begin our story of Storm on the year of his 16th birthday where he is trying to decide what he wants to be, as his whole life he has wished for nothing more than to be a hero of Faerun.
Strom which a taller boy of about 6 foot, but to his dismay he was slender in build so when he went to apply for the school of fighting they laughed at him and say he wouldn’t be able to carry a weapon let alone defend against one, he didn’t go near the wizard school due to having no real school or interest in a lot of study, so he went back home, upset and not knowing what to do as the fighting guild was his dream, as many fighters become famous and strong, but they wouldn’t let him in, his mother seeing him upset, sat next to him, and talked about why Storm was upset then the young hero decided he would become a rogue, being able to sneaky assassinate and they still learn how to fight, but before he could think on his anymore, his mother smacked him around the head and told him they were not very nice people and are only out for themselves, she warned him, that if he joined the guild she wouldn’t allow him back into the house. Well now he was in a jam, poor Storm wanting with all his heart to be a hero, but no guild/school to take him in and train his skills, he decided to go for a walk and see if any random fighters were in town, as he lived in Waterdeep, a hub on the West coast of Faerun, he thought he might just get a lucky break.
When storm walked to the middle of town as he lived on the outer edge, he heard the banging of sticks, and yells as if each one represented a blow in battle, this peaked his curiosity, he followed the noise he heard and to his surprise found monks fighting, he thought they were peaceful people, he entered the temple, to figure out what was going on, and he meet with one of the elders, when Storm told him of his day and life ambitions, the Monk gave him the chance to join him and see what would happen if he would too become a monk, Storm’s eyes lit up, the chance to train as a warrior, and potentially learn the ways of the monk combat style, it was new and different, but his heart just wanted to become a legend of the people, so why not try this monk thing out. He was to go back there in 4 days to begin his 1-year trial to see if a master will choose him.
Storm, returned to his mum, and told her of his day, she was relieved he wasn’t joining the guild of rogues, but Storm asked her way and she wouldn’t explain why, but he pressed her more and all she could and wanted to say was that it had something to do with his father and that he would have to figure it out one day on his own. Upon leaving for the Temple, his mother handed him a small necklace with a golden goose on it, with the inscription on the base saying The truth won’t be easy, she told him that it will keep him safe and a reminder of his roots and why he is doing what he is doing.

Storm entered the temple for his year trained, it was tough and hard, they meditated and rested, they fought and trained and learnt many things, controlling their ki power, but the masters observed in Storm that he wasn’t an overly lawful person, nor did he have a chaotic personality, this was an issue as a monk is a lawful art, so the monks sent word to one of their sister temples, to see if they could reach any Swordsages to train this young warrior, as he would be a great asset to Faerun and protecting her, but the way of the monk is out of his grasp.
The year was coming to an end, and it was exam time for those who choose to do one, the masters of the temple, set challenges and test for the aspiring young monks, but there was a stranger in the mix, he almost never removed his gaze from Storm the entire time, making storm very confident he would be chosen as a monk and this stranger would be his mentor and master, but when it came to selection time, the stranger was gone, and the master chooses their disciples, and the one left was Storm, he rubbed his golden goose necklace under his shirt, remembering it read The truth won’t be easy, he held his head high, knowing he did his best, but he still stayed in the temples area knowing he needed time to process what had just happened. As he was packing up a small stick like half a nunchuck was thrown at his foot, he turned and meet the gaze of the stranger from earlier, without a word he pointed to the stick, as soon as storm picked it up he leaped at him, storm blocked it, the battle was back and forth, and finally storm jumping up and smashing his stick down broke the strangers weapon and said to him “Do you yield, I have no desire to hurt you” and the stranger nodded, laughed and said “you will be perfect as a student”, Storm’s heart skipped a beat, realising his life goal of protecting people and becoming a hero can now be realised, but what he didn’t realise is that, this man wasn’t a monk.
Training began on the top of “Sword Mountain” just near Water Deep and Storm couldn’t work out what was going on, it was more aggressive and more about battle than what the monks were doing, and at first break Storm asked the man what on earth were they doing, who he was and his story. The man told him that he was a Swordsage and that it’s a more neutral and aggressive way than that of the monks who he began training with, Storm was excited that he was going to be trained in a way that he could protect and serve the land of Faerun more than if he was a monk.
Training was intense but fruitful and they grew together as mentor and student, but as friends, the man didn’t talk much, as he wished to observe the world and act accordingly as those who speak and act too rash make mistakes, but Storm worked his hardest, and his passion for saving Faerun was too strong to give up, he trained hard and work so hard, but he knew that he was going to have to leave the side of his mentor and he knew he’d have to go and try and save the people of this land.
One day Storm was allowed a day off, he went south, back home to the city of Waterdeep to visit his mum and tell her of what he was doing, and how it was going, his mum seeing how he longed for adventure, made mention of the “Heroes of Baldur’s gate” and what they did and what they had accomplished, Storm hearing their tales, knew he was to join them and help them change the land for good.

When he returned to the campsite in the mountains, he told his mentor of this and asked if his training was almost finished to go and join the world and help them, his master had almost finished teaching him the basics, and told him “Go and begin your journey, but return he when you grow in strength and skill, and I can teach you a little but more to make you even better than myself” when Storm had finished his training he headed south to find these heroes, upon leaving his mentor turned to him and told him, remember to look for me, my name is “Syrio”
Strom left and went on a journey to find the heroes, but he had trouble finding them, but heard rumours of them being in a town of ‘ Daggerford’ once there he was told they left not too long ago in a carriage heading north, on the way to Waterdeep, he headed off in search for them…when he caught up he was meet by one of their rogues…which unsettled him, due to his mother’s distrust for them, and once he decided to ask to join the group, by challenging the weakest to prove he wouldn’t be the weakest, the other rouge tried to lie, Storm has grown mistrusting of these rogue types, but they are the Heroes of Boulders gate, maybe they are different..maybe..but he fought there Dwarven fighter, proved his worth and joined the group….who knows what will happen now….

Kevin abruptly left the party during their exploration of the dungeon beneath The Red Garnet, disappearing in the night he left a note on his bed, it read simply, Sorry, I must leave. – Storm

Post leaving the group

Storm had gotten a note in the night telling him, his mother was sick so he left as quick as he could, due to her just being in Waterdeep where he was, once he got there he seen how ill his mother was, went to a healer of the town and unfortunately only a Wish spell could cure her, which he sold at a very high price, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to make the money with the heroes, he sought another way to make money, he went to a loan shark in town and asked if he could borrow the amount, this guy didn’t deal with those sums, but said he could work for him and make some money, debt collecting, well he had to make money and fast so he collected money and did it hard, never with weapons but with his fists through the training of becoming a monk he could hit hard with his fist, and never kill anyone, so he was pretty good, and he knew he wasn’t making money quick enough however luck was on his side, on his collection he went to a guy who had a bodyguard, the fight was hard but Storm broke his jaw to calm him, the debtor say Storms skills, gave the money over and told him to come back here tonight I have a job for you.
Storm was very cautious going there he thought he was going to get jumped and killed, scaling the rooftops found no one else in sight and meet the man, he told him of an illegal boxing match under the city with high stakes and high rewards, and Storm made his way through the fighting and made some coin. enough to cure his mum. but he thought well why not continue my job and boxing and get her a nice house on the north side of town, where it’s a bit cleaner and safer as that’s where all the noblemen and women live.
Storm saved up enough to buy a house for his mum to live in peace and have a good life. while he was out collecting debts in the south of town, a big bang and noise was erupting from the north, rushing back home only to find a vacant lot where his mum’s house should have been, fighting through the chaos of the city, fighting skeletons, trolls and making his was to the emergency area and not finding his mum, storm broke down crying, and realised he needed to adventure, and get out there to stop evil like this happening to anyone again, he searched for the Adventures of the Wide once more, to join and become stronger to protect the people of Faerun.
Well the best place to look would be the Red garnet, to find the owner and ask where the heroes went off after helping him, as he walked in the door there was Shadek and the owner together having a drink, walking up in tears still asking if he could re-join and told them his tale of what had been going on.

Since re-joining the guild, Storm has built a mentoring like relationship with Shad, as he looks up to him as a man who doesn’t take life serious and is a skilled combatant, Storm loves to try and impress Shad with skills, tricks and abilities and to help himself feel comfortable and useful in the Guild if an officer respects him.

Post each session

Session 1.

Storm has been left out of selection for missions and is very upset, Shad has encouraged him that it wasn’t a lack of worth just that he didn’t fit any team and that him, The Pale Axe and Shad will go and train, look after the keep and maybe do some minor missions if they come, and Storm was encouraged by this and excited to continue his mentoring role with Shadek and too be picked next time to prove his value to the guild.

Kevin "Storm" Thorn

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