Kalebark Rahel

Muscle-bound Half-Orc Barbarian


Kalebark Rahel, a.k.a Kale, “Tree Trunk” (Only Ateas can get away with calling him this).

Kalebark is from the low-income area of Waterdeep.

Age 18 in 1373
Born 7 Uktar, 1355 DR.
Year of Harp
Born under the Sign of the Swan and with Disseminating Selûne under the sign of the Spear

Those born under the sign of the Swan are discriminating, authoritative and set high personal standards. They appear cool and detached but are secret romantics and can be sensitive, vulnerable and self critical. Keenly perceptive, they have an eye for detail and refined aesthetic taste.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Spear are practical, capable and steadfast in adversity, cautious, logical and efficient. They have good business sense but prefer to assist rather than lead. In relationships they are supportive, protective and possessive.

Natal Horoscope from the Almagest of Handreth


Biological Parents – Unkown
Father – Dramun Rahel
Mother – Holly Rahel
Brother – Ateas Rahel

Basic stats

Height: 7’ 2"
Weight: 450 lb

Class structure:
Barbarian 12

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Tempus. Lord of Battles, Foehammer

Common, Orc.


Stubborn with a mean teamper, however mostly very gentle and caring due to growing up away from those of his kind. Also far more intelligent and charismatic than most of his kind, he can better control his temper, only losing control when he sees it necessary in battle. Some refer to him as the friendly giant, saying that he wouldn’t hurt a fly. But you can be sure that if that fly angered him enough, he would inflict as much pain upon it as possible.

Reckless, Distinctive.

Fighting Style:
Kalebark wields a Freezing Adamatine Greataxe and uses brute force to deal tremendous damage to his foes up close and personal. He can fly into a great rage which weakens his defenses, but makes his already deadly attacks even more deadly.

Role in the Guild:
Weights Trainer


Kalebark was born in the Ardeep Forest, just south of Waterdeep. His mother, an Orc, had slept with a Human from Waterdeep whom had a fetish for Orc women. As soon as he was born, he was not accepted into the tribe, due to being “inferior” because of his human half. His daily life was a struggle for food scraps and clean water. One of the elders, Burg, took pity on the boy, and so decided to train him in the ways of the Barbarian in order to help him survive in the wild, as he didn’t see Kale surviving much longer in the tribe. One night, when Kale was around 5 years old, he woke up to someone gagging his mouth and covering his eyes. After hours of being carried, he was finally put down somewhere and left. Finally, Kale broke free of his bonds and looked up to see the gates of Waterdeep. As he was looking at the gates, a guard spotted him and approached. Not knowing any Common, Kale was unable to understand or communicate with the man. The man took pity on the boy, and took him to his small home in Waterdeep. Kale was immediately accepted into the family, taught Common and even given the opportunity to continue his Barbarian training. Once reaching adulthood, Kale and his brother Ateas decided to use their combat skills in the world and so became mercenaries, trying to take as many contracts that would do some good in the world as they could.

(See Alana’s backstory for the continuation).

Kalebark Rahel

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