Guild of the Grey Hand

Season 04 Episode 06
Late October Session

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Season 04 Episode 05
Early October Session

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Season 04 Episode 04
September Session

Written by Daniel Caddaye

The vessel grim and daring

Elwarin mutters a short incantation before his eyes turn milky white as he communes with Ovif, updating him on the huge fire in the direction of Nonthal. Ovif says that the party might way to come back sooner rather than later.

The nunchuked ships sail from the river into the Nonthal lake and the change in currents strains the connecting rope, snapping it half with a loud crack. As Reily and Everett attempt to keep their respective ships steady Kalebark dives in and quickly reaches the severed ropes and starts pulling the ships together, his muscles bulge and strain as he enters a rage and feels the massive force of the currents pulling the ships apart. Elwain flourishes his hands and an image of a bull appears on Kalebarks arms casting bulls strength on him. Shadek gracefully flips off the ship sliding down the rope to rest on Kalebarks neck and as Kale pulls the rope together Shad uses his nimble fingers to quickly tie them together. As kale releases, the ropes tighten and grown but remain strong.

Oh Captin my captain

Sailing along towards Nonthal and the ever-growing smoke, the ever vigilant Reily Blackblade spots a disturbing sight; a dozen heads on spikes along the shore. The beheaded soldiers are Turmish Public Forces, the same soldiers we encountered on the road and that we sent to Nonthal. It is a solemn moment and for many one that strengthens their resolve to find who is behind this.

Fallen cold and dead

Soon after a flaming arrows sores from the shore towards the ships, Reily points out the direction as the arrow hits the sail. Shadek quickly climbs the mast to patch the sail and put out the fire as Elwarin shouts some melodic arcane words and a Song of Fire and Ice rains down on the would be attacker. A blood-curdling scream pierced the still air and the body of a halfling lays on the ground, unmoving as the ground and trees are ground are both burnt and frozen.

It’s voyage closed and done

Moving one barrel from the second ship to the first Elwarin begins to experiment with the explosives and concludes it will only explode on contact with water. The party also strip the second ships of its sails and sets up the explosives nearer the edges of the deck. Reily stays on the explosive ship as Everett sails the others to a safe distance, Reily then grabs a barrel piercing the wood and dives into the water at the ships bow and just as he hits the water he disappears from view, vanishing into the Ethereal Plane as the barrel explodes and sets the ship sinking rapidly, quickly there is a huge explosion and waves rock the ship. Reily soon appears on the main ship unharmed. A charred and half disintegrated body floats high in the sky before hitting the lake.

The ship has weather’d every rack

The party sail into view of the city of Nonthal and their fears are confirmed, it is aflame and the docks, as well as most of the cities buildings, are destroyed.

Quickly and with purpose the party beach the ship close by and head for the city square. The city is totally deserted, only alight and destroyed buildings remain. The ground vibrates as for giant creates emerge up across the square.


Shadek climbs the fountain to face one of the giants as Kalebark moves across the square, Reily and Everett move to attack the closest one with Shadek and Elwarin casts spells from the back lines. From the height of the fountain, Shad is at eye level and strikes a crippling blow on the giant who seems unfazed.
Kalebark faces off against the Giants now flanked by three at once.

The Giant facing shadek lands a huge blow but not enough to weaken Shad’s reflexes and he easily dodges his second attack and the giant now off balance falls prone. Everett worried for his nimble friend speaks a short prayer and appears to visibly weekend as he sacrifices his life force to heal his friend.

The party continue to batter the giants. Shad muttering under his breath climbs onto the prone giants back and as he stands up he is stuck there, flanking him from behind and working together Reily hamstrings the giant and it collapses to its knees as Shadek cuts its throat.

Everett faces off against a giant and takes blow after blow, but with every hit he takes he gains insight in how to defeat his enemy. Kalebark takes down not one but two giants with his full attack, reminding the party just how deadly he can be. with on giant remaining, knocked prone on the stone ground against the party he attempts to stand and takes attacks from all directions, and before he can stand he has lost both his legs and arms and is destroyed, crumbling to dirt.

O the bleeding drops of red

The party then start to put out fires and search for any survivors, they find more charred remains and heads on spikes, no evidence of who is behind this all, Elwarin studies his spell book and does some complicated calculations and drawings before commanding the weather to create a thunderstorm. Over the next few hours the rain puts out the fires, but the damage is done and none remain. The party then resolves to return back to Brighstone Keep, entering the Teleportation Circle and arriving home instantly where they speak with the guild and begin their preparations for war.


The where the wizard casts spells

Written by Mitchell Lovell

As the heros race to attack the orc encampment, they find a fork in the road, they devise a plan Kalebark takes Everett as a prisoner and tried to enter the camp, whilst the Elwarin, Shadek and Reilly, sneak up a back path, Elwarin will summon a Wolf to cause a distraction as the party surprise the camp.

On the way Kale and Everett run into a mysterious old Goblin lady, they discuss the orc encampment, feeling the time pressure, they go to check her cart, only to be meet with a bow facing them with a notched arrow, there was a grandson protecting his grandmother, they make sure they weren’t transporting any orcs, then push on to make sure their friends don’t get spotted and outnumbered….looking back tho they see the cart flying off into the horizon.

The other 3 running through the forest, as quickly and quietly as possible they hear a running noise, trying to hard, Elwarin fails at this but sees a fleeing orc, slips him up with grease, and sees pure fear in his eyes, and tells them to run. the rush to the camp finding two summoned prism golems, Elwarin taking no chances with his friends lives casts one of his best spells to dispels these golems.

The party come together, to find all the orcs dead, so they search the campsite thoroughly, in there investigation they discover that the Dwarf girl ________ had sent the orders in what to do. (Please note party has giving dwarf girl access to BSK along with her two partners) they send Everetts Griffon _____ with a note detailing what they had found.

After ____ flew off to BSK, 3 creatures descended from a portal above the camp and a battle takes place, 4 of the group slash and cut down many heads of these beasts and Elwarin casts some spells.

The party decide to head to the town to continue there adventure into Shadowfang keep, when they reach the river though, they find an empty boat, they quickly jump in and decide to sail to the city and stay the night to continuing there adventure, Elwarin is keen on returning this boat to the rightful owner, where as Shadek forges some papers and tries to convince him Thorak gifted the boat, however a dead Halfling being pickled in a cask and his Hindsight of events with an orc, detailed map has made him very suspicious that he was lying.

as they were heading upstream, Reilly spots another boat coming towards them, a half orc jumps out…it’s clear the boat is on a collision course with the heroes, Elwarin quickly gifts the party with flight to stop this, Shadek runs the boat to shore gently, whilst Kalebark chase’s after the would be demolition man, finding out that the boat was meant to destroy centaur bridge. Shadek finds an explosive in the 2nd boat that when in contact with water explodes.

They tie the two boats together, and are sailing into the night when they are attacked by some serpent like creatures, a battle takes place as mitch leaves and cant write any more……

The party work together and almost lose the ships as the serpent like creates keep coming and coming one after another, they electrify the water and burn them but the ship’s mast catches alight and almost dooms them all. But almost by sheer luck, they manage to fight them back long enough to regain control of the ships and escape. working quickly to put out the fires and rest the mast.

Season 04 Episode 02
July Session

Written by Lindsay van Heumen

Season 04 Episode 01 - The Wandering Tower's Corruption
June Session

Party – Kalebark (Spent Coin), Sayble, Elwarin, Everett, Shadek

Back to Brightstone Keep
Elwarin greets group alongside the rest of the Guild
Guild meeting in Mess Hall with feast
Full adventure debrief
Kairinnier and unborn child to stay at Keep
Another prison under the Keep, could be attacked
Kalvyn asks Scamp about the Prison. Scamp heard about a “Crystal Chamber”. Previous group digging to a “great power”. Everyone afraid of a spirit. He doesn’t know the location
Party to inform town of danger
Miners to discontinue work
Defences being prepared for multiple different types of assaults on the Keep
Thorak appears on his knees, screaming “my tower is under attack!”
Horn must be returned to the tower
Party immediately teleported to 50 feet away from the tower
This time it is black and twisted, clearly under seige. 2 iron gates instead of the previous doors
Magical wind sucks party in
Small, dark forest clearing
Follow twisting path through the trees. Drops into a cliff face
Grease on slope into red, glowing crystal spikes at bottom
Sayble spots Goblin-like creature pierced by a spike
Elwarin casts fly on group to get them down safe
“Dark Heart”
Huge shock disintegrates Goblin
Falling down, land on sand
Dark clouds over an ocean at the beach
Part of Thorak’s mind
Massive tentacle comes out of water, just “misses
Kraken Oculus”
Wizard gets fucked by chain lightening
Boat in a bottle summons full size ship
Clouds are closer, almost upon group
Map, compass, smoke all different
Decide to sail to volcano
Volcano begins to erupt upon arrival
Outhouse up top, group makes it
Mirror maze
Strange dopplegangers confuse the party
Square mirror room
Doppleganger battle
Evil Elwarin gets away, rest die
Exit to other side of outhouse, volcano calm
Stairs into mouth of volcano
Chanting on way down
Chamber, twisted dragon statue
Cravas in middle, bridge to other side
Small arch under statue, leads to passage
Vumura – dragon symbol
Into arch, up stairs, into chamber
Elementals in cross room
Party divided
Sayble reincarnated as a Dwarf
Necromancer in tower
No time passed in outside world
She will attack the keep

Season 03 Episode 03
May Session

Written by James Pemberton

Season 03 Episode 02
April Session

Written by Callum Kirkpatrick

The Lost Peek
Season 03 - Episode 01 - March 19th 2017

Written by Daniel Caddaye

Di San lays awkwardly as Thorak looks up and waves a hand towards the party and they teleport to near the top of the peaks, a familiar location for Sayble. Scamp is nowhere to be seen as they quickly approach the summit, which has been completely destroyed by the explosion.

Paper Sphinx Roc

The party assembled on the now plateau of the lost peek are confronted with a gigantic bird, it is as majestic as it is large it appeared to be used as a transport for an unknown number and it is flanked on either side by two large Sphinxs.

The aggressive Roc leaves the party little choice as they first try to get around the Roc without killing it with Phineas attempting to blind it and Ovif trying to command it but soon that becomes unavoidable. The battle kicks into gear and Trelash tangles up one Sphinx with black tentacles as the other focus on the Roc. Ovif fires searing light to disintegrate one Sphinx and Phineas knocks out another, Kalebarks hulking muscles deal blow after blow into the Roc as he enters a terrifying rage, Sayble using his legendary bow fires a killing shot into the Rocs avian penile canal.
The party can now see that the fountain of memories has been complete blown away and beneath it lies a ramp leading down into a tunnel.


After the Roc falls and Sayble sees that Scamp isn’t anywhere in sight he transforms into his bird form and quickly tracks down Scamp and as he lands he transforms back to half-elf form. He notices that a hooded stranger is leading over Scamps limp body. They speak briefly, Sayble concerned and defensive of Scamp to which the stranger replies “if he is your friend, let me save him.” Soon Scamp starts to rise gingerly, the stranger says that it will still take some time for it to mend completely.
Sayble speaks with Scamp who tells him that he smelt Elwarin when her approached the peak and then saw the Roc before there was a huge explosion, he now can’t find Elwarins scent.

Beneath the fountain of memories

The rest of the party quickly revive one of the Sphinx’s and Ovif and he learns that they are guarding the Black Network who came from “The Keep”.
Upon Sayble and Scamp’s return, the stranger explains that his name is Kenlyn and was on a pilgrimage to the peaks when he heard what happened and saw Scamp injured.
The party descends into a large room, the walls and floor smooth stone with two imposing statues of Di San set equally apart with a closed doorway between. The left Sculpture is of a youthful and energetic Di San whilst the right is of a beleaguered and weary Di San, both appear to be the same age and in perfect condition.
Sayble communicates to Phineas that there are people here attempting to ambush them, Phin relays this to all before he speaks directly into the wannabe ambushers minds intimidating them as Trelash covers the area just in front of them in a deep darkness. Phineas casts a rainbow laser show above the darkness orb to fascinate the guards as the party moves to take them out. Quickly the 5 guards are unconscious or dead and the captain is interrogated by the party. The groups knew they were coming and were tasked to prevent them from entering. They offered the guild a reward of 10 000 gold if they leave this place. Tired of the waiting Trelash murders the captain and they move through the doors.

The House of Di San

The party head down a narrow corridor and hear rustling coming from rooms to both sides, barging in they see more Black Network searching through a bedroom and library, little time to spare so the party eliminates the Black Network agents. In the library, they find a plethora of fine books almost entirely first editions and in like new condition, notably a Tome of Intelligence, Di Sans Diary and A History of the World. The Diary has a strange blue shimmering cover and some sort of unknown locking method.
Lovell to insert other books Trelash found
The party quickly passes through other room to a grand doorway with 2 wizards and three guards protecting three identical corridors.

The Maze

The black network wizards bring down a meteorite strike on the party and Trelash leaps into action teleporting across the room and unleashing a Cacophonic Bust on the network agents instantly killing the wizards and defending the others. Sayble rushes in wielding his now flaming vorpal sword and quickly the remaining guards are dealt with. The party sees before them three identical paths and Phineas reaches out in his mind for guidance from Di San, he tells them not to use magic in the maze.
The party takes their time and keep to the right in the maze and eventually make it out, hopefully in time.

January Special

Written by Daniel Caddaye

The party is gradually waking up early the morning after the wedding, Elwarin is still missing as is Scamp. The party had brought him to the wedding but they were not too worried as Scamp can look after himself.

Shadek: “Elwarin is a powerful wizard, besides he is probably with his drow lady friend anyway.”
Kelvin: “I’m not so sure, he wouldn’t miss Rolph’s wedding.”

Thorak: (appearing in a position where no one can see him) "So, how was the wedding?_
Di San: (next to him) “I thought it went quite well.”
Thorak: “I wasn’t asking you Vatn, anyway why were you there, were you invited? i wasn’t invited! me Sathak the….”
He trails off as the party are looking at them.
“Anyway, what’s going on with you lot?”

They interact with the party breifly

Thorak: “You find life such a problem because you think there are good people and bad people. You’re wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.”

“There exists this kind of humdrum, everyday badness. Not the really high, creative loathsomeness of the great sinners, but a sort of mass-produced darkness of the soul. Sin, without a trace of originality. They accept evil not because they say yes, but because they don’t say no.”

Di San: “We need someone to start saying no. The age is coming to an end, can you feel it? Like a snake shedding its skin this world is shifting. And we can’t promise it’s for the better.”

Before the two can finish, from the mountains in the distance there is a huge explosion. Di San appears struck or hurt, Thorak looks suddenly serious and worried and he calls out to Di San.

Di San: “They aren’t ready…”
Thorak: “They will have to be.”

_The party have brief but surreal and for some upsetting visions of a small group by a familiar pool of silvery water, and suddnly there is a large explosion an the visoin ends. _

The rangers/druids can a glimpse into Scamps view/mindset

Scamp is stalking thought a familiar forest, its dark and he is following a familiar scent. Its Elwarin.
The small group he follows is taking a path up a mountain and Scamp follows behind. The group stop and Scamp can see them by a completely still pool of silvery water reflecting the light of the dawn sun. There is a discussion but Scamp cannot understand it.
The familiar scent is stronger and the group seem to walk into the mountain.
Scamp stalks of his hiding place and suddenly there is a huge explosion, there is a blinding flash and Scamp is thrown aginst the jagged rocks. A long sharp icicle is sticking out of his breast he lies dying.


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